Hey there! I'm Kristeen Romero

and I am so happy that you’re here! 🙂

Digital platforms are changing quickly every day. One small tweak in the system and BAM! Certain features are missing, targeting options have been replaced, image size requirements changed, etc. etc. Before you know it, communication strategies that worked yesterday no longer work today!

Understandably, it can all get pretty overwhelming.

With so much going on in the digital realm, I think it’s important to stop. To stop and think about the bigger picture – what everything you’re doing means in the long run. Although it’s impossible to predict everything in the future, that’s no excuse to keep running with whatever trend others are telling us to get on.

I want to use this blog as a platform for us to contemplate and introspect on the realities within the digital industry – with a focus on digital marketing, online content and modern management. I want to be the master of my own digital destiny, reflect on my own journey.

I hope my experiences can help you on your journey too.

Who am I?

I’m a Certified Digital Marketer (see my certificate!) with a specialty in content strategy and multimedia content creation, and a passion for branding and storytelling. I’ve been working in digital marketing since 2016, but have been a content creator on a variety of social media for over 8 years.

As a Filipino born and raised in Hong Kong, I’ve grown up multi-culturally and surrounded by many languages — English, Tagalog, Hindi, Cantonese, Japanese to name a few. My struggle to understand the diverse individuals around me has brought me to love “hacking” my way through language and finding new methods or mediums of effectively communicating ideas. I always get super happy when I’m able to facilitate understanding in ways others could not.

Though I started blogging at the age of 9, I only started creating content seriously in 2009 when I decided to upload singing covers on YouTube. Since then, I’ve continuously been polishing my skills in audio, video and photo editing, as well as taking on freelance writing jobs here and there. I’ve recently been diving into photography and video production, and am having tons of fun with it!

This blog and PanickedPixel are side projects for continuously practicing my digital skills and exploring new ones. Life’s too short to not be improving! 😀

Active social media participant

5 years writing freelance

>18,000 total YouTube subscribers

3 years moderating online communities

>2.5 million video views

3 years researching digital trends

Web Copywriting

Have an idea of what you want to say but can’t put it into words? Having difficulty getting through to your audience? I specialize in creating friendly, thoughtful and informative content in both US and UK varieties of English. I largely write for social media, websites and blogs but also have experience in academic writing.

Digital Industry Research

Need the low-down on what’s currently happening in your field of the internet? With my years of being a research assistant, I can quickly grab the statistics, data and findings that you need in relation to digital media (or at the very least let you know if none exist because that happens sometimes).

Brainstorming Strategies

Not getting that digital traction that you’re looking for? No idea which audiences you should be targeting? Let’s have a conversation about potential content, community and digital marketing strategies you could consider to get in front of the right people.

Strategic Audit

If you’re looking for something more than just a casual conversation of strategies, I also do in-depth audits to list down not only the good but also the bad in your current content strategy and/or SEO practices. Audits provide a clearer roadmap for what you should be improving now and what you can put aside for later.